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Corporate Responsibility

At Robertson Search, we believe in building partnerships with organisations that reflect and reinforce our values.

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Diversity Council Australia

Through our parent company we have a formalised relationship with Diversity Council Australia (DCA), an independent not-for-profit body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace. DCA currently has over 450 members, including some of Australia’s biggest employers. Our membership provides us with access to unique research, dedicated resources for managing all aspects of diversity, as well as the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops. By working with Diversity Council Australia, we know we are building an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and supported in all its forms.

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Each year, our people select a number of charities we really care about, which we then support through active volunteering and fundraising initiatives. In recent years we’ve raised money for the RSPCA and for Cancer Council Australia. Some projects over 2018 included arts and crafts sessions at Ronald McDonald House. The Melbourne office regularly volunteer at Children First Foundation’s Miracle Smiles Retreat, where children from developing countries recover from life-changing surgery. In Sydney we also volunteer time to food preparation and service at The Exodus Foundation, which provide meals for the homeless in Sydney’s CBD.

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Recruitment Consulting &  Staffing Association

The Code for Professional Conduct is authorised by the ACCC in Australia and recognised by the Commerce Commission in New Zealand. It demonstrates our commitment, as an RCSA member, to work to the highest professional standard.  The RCSA provides its members with free online training around the professional conduct code. The RCSA Code is supported by the Disciplinary & Dispute Resolution Procedures and an Ethics Management system which is robust and respected across the industry.

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